September 17, 2006

Our nationwide Video-On-Demand release has begun as of September 15th. A warm welcome to everyone who is visiting our site for the first time. Thanks also for all the wonderful e-mails and great feedback! We have been delighted by the terrific word-of-mouth that the film is generating from different parts of the country.

Many people are now asking us when the DVD will be coming out. We are still in the process of looking for the best distribution option for this. Please spread the word about Insanity to friends and family as great word-of-mouth has been our most important marketing tool so far.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in this small film. It is because of you that The Definition of Insanity has come this far and reached so many people.

All Our Best,

Robert and Frank

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July 08, 2005
On The Road

It's been awhile since our last post as we've been traveling the film festival circuit with Insanity continuing our grass roots marketing campaign. We just received a wonderful review in VARIETY (from film critic Ronnie Scheib) which was very gratifying, to say the least! Ronnie Scheib compared my character in Insanity to Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro's character in Martin Scorcese's The King of Comedy). Since The King of Comedy was an under-appreciated darkly comic gem, we take this as the ultimate compliment. At the Brooklyn International Film Festival awards ceremony we got to meet another of our favorite indie film icons, Mr. John Turturro, who was there to receive the first Brooklyn Excellence Award. He talked about his ongoing effort to keep making personal, meaningful films, which really hit home for us. Next stop is the Chicago Independent Film Festival, land of Steppenwolf Theatre and film commentator Roger Ebert, in late July.

Thanks to everyone for all your supportive e-mails and for continuing to spread the word about Insanity.

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February 12, 2005
Sarasota Film Festival

Frank and I have recuperated from the Sarasota Film Festival where we enjoyed four non-stop days of terrific films (courtesy of ubiquitous festival programmer Tom Hall), panels, press interviews, and parties. Audience response to Insanity was again enthusiastic. A consistent theme of people's comments has been how intimate and unsettling the film is. During the Q & A we even had one woman compliment us for making a film without any gratuitous sex or violence, which got a rousing ovation from the Sarasota crowd (We actually did shoot a sex scene for Insanity but decided during editing that it interfered with the emotional through-line of the film. Maybe we'll include this on outtakes for the DVD!). Of course, marketing the film might prove a little easier if we had thrown in a little gratuitous S & V so….

During the festival's opening gala, we were delighted to meet Peter Falk, (in town for the East Coast premiere of The Thing About My Folks) who has worked on a number of films by legendary director John Cassavetes. Cassavetes, whose films explore the raw emotional truth of people's lives, was one of the inspirations for our work. We hope The Definition of Insanity continues in his tradition.

We also met filmmaker Stuart Cooper, who was screening his 1975 film Overlord, a narrative feature that interweaves a fictional story with actual WW II footage from the Imperial War Museum in London (and is shot in glorious black & white). Overlord won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 1975, disappeared, and was recently "discovered" by the Z Channel and the Telluride Film Festival. It is about to receive distribution 30 years after its creation. (There is still hope for all those undiscovered gems buried in everyone's closet).

Coincidentally Xan Cassavetes, John Cassavetes' daughter, had a documentary at Sarasota called Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession, which chronicles the Overlord story among others. Also at the festival were director Rebecca Dreyfus, producer Susannah Ludwig and art detective extraordinaire Harold Smith with the world premiere of Stolen, a very interesting documentary about the largest art heist in modern times.

Upcoming for Insanity is the Bergamo Film Meeting in Italy, with other festivals to follow. We'll keep you posted.

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December 04, 2004

I just did an interview with The Gothamist where I talk about Insanity, how it relates to larger life issues, and how working outside the system makes getting distribution for the film more difficult. That being said, things are looking up. Steven Beer, our executive producer, has gotten very excited about the word-of-mouth for the film. People are starting to contact us who have heard about Insanity from reviews or friends and want to know where they can see it. Frank and I would love to hear any thoughts from people about the film, the interview, or whatever inspires you.

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November 19, 2004
Notes from the Underground

Four screenings of "Insanity" at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival in Brazil. A lot of people enthusiastic about the film. We can see that "Insanity" works extremely well with audiences. The big question now is: How will it play in New York City? Our New York City premiere was about to take place at the Quad Cinema as part of the Swiss-American Film Festival. The night of the screening I'm really nervous but excited. There's been a lot of pre-festival buzz about the film and I can see that we have a huge turnout. The screening itself goes very well. Everyone stays for the Q & A afterwards. I don't get to bed until 3 AM. By the next night, after a week of Swiss-Am screenings and parties, I'm exhausted. I fall asleep late Thursday, finally hoping for some decent sleep. Then, at 1 AM, just as I finally drop off, the phone rings me awake. It's Frank, telling me that we just won the Audience Award at Swiss-Am for Best Narrative Feature. I realize that this is an important step in our grass roots campaign of word-of-mouth and guerilla marketing for a film with no stars but plenty of heart and bite. It's 2 AM and the thoughts are coming fast and furious now but sleep no longer matters because "Insanity" lives on…

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October 19, 2004
Back From Woodstock

The Woodstock Film Festival screenings were great. Terrific audiences, lots of questions afterwards. Many people wanted to know how autobiographical the film actually is. Strangely enough, the film is becoming more autobiographical with each passing day. Frank, my co-director, likes to joke that this is the narrative feature that became a documentary. It's pretty surreal, given that 95% of the film was invented (about 5% is actual documentary footage). It's as if the film set in motion events in my life that were preordained, sort of like an unsettling version of the Twilight Zone. Frank and I will have to start shooting a sequel in order to re-shape my destiny.

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October 11, 2004
The Woodstock Festival is coming up

The Woodstock Film Festival is coming up this weekend and just found out that both screenings are sold out! People will finally get a chance to see "Insanity" and take the roller coaster ride along with us.

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