Produced, Directed, Written & Edited by:
Robert Margolis & Frank Matter

Camera: Frank Matter
Music: Paula Atherton, Amy Fairchild

Executive Producer: Steven Beer
Associate Producers: Marine and Matthew Putman
Production Coordinator: Marine Putman

Produced with the support of Migros Kulturprozent

Original music composed by Paula Atherton
Performed by Paula Atherton (Saxophone) and Cliff Schmitt (Bass)
Recorded and mixed by Lou Gimenez at The Music Lab

"Falling Down", "Movie" & "Tuesday" written and performed by Amy Fairchild

"Beautiful Secret" written by Amy Fairchild & Adam Steinberg. Performed by Amy Fairchild

Accordion music composed and performed by Helen Stratford. Saxophone music in the hospital by Brian Duguay

"Amazing Grace" performed by Robert Margolis, Paula Atherton, Cliff Schmitt

Music Consultant: Gerry Janssen
Sound Mix: Harmonic Ranch

Acting Coach: Sande Shurin, Sande Shurin Acting Studio

Transfer to Film: Heavy Light Digital

Original Art Work: Amy Weil

Excerpts from "Criminals", directed by Jeff Butcher (2000), starring Stephen Blackehart and Robert Margolis, used with the kind permission of Jeff Butcher.

Excerpts from "Morocco", directed by Frank Matter (1996), starring Lee Ann Thomas and Robert Margolis, used with the kind permission of the Soap Factory.

Excerpts from the play "Carnival", written by John Greiner, used with the permission of the author.

Dawn Marie AndersonDawn
Kelli BarnettSally, Robert's wife
Peter Bogdanovich Peter Bogdanovich
Sally ConnorsSally
Lili Dyercat owner
Kathryn FallonDr. Fallon
Jimmy Lee Gary Jr. Jimmy
Michael Gentile man from the gas company
Tom GillPrivate Investigator
John GreinerThe Playwright
Hristo HristovHristo
Gerry JanssenVoice Teacher
Derek JohnsonDerek
Jake JosephsonJake
Amanda KayKate
Frank KriasFrank
Bruce LevyAgent
David Maquiling Anthology Manager
Dylan Margolis Dylan
Robert Margolis Robert
David McMahon Father Margolis
Jonas Mekas Cameo as Dr. Mekas
Suzan PerryMother Margolis
Carol WeissCarol

Joe Cooper Joe
Brian Duguay sax player
Karen Tan Karen
Ghislaine S. Rollins nurse Zoe
Rebecca Montanez nurse
Mark Shikuma orderly
Padraic Confrey receptionist
Mick Preston Gerry, Sally's friend
Tim Katusha Mr. Sampras, producer
Robert Nassau Frank Matter
Jeff Tancil film buff
Hedina Christiner Ginny Lee, actress
Helen Stratford accordion player
Jessie the cat
Paula Atherton sax player
Cliff Schmitt bassist
Robert A. Champi casting director
Tommi Streiff director
Marine Putman producer
Sukhjinder Singh store owner
Jessa Kelly actress
Melissa Skirbo seductive neighbor
Christopher Grimes voice of Bernie
Elisabeth Wunsch costume manager
Carrie Crow make-up artist
Aaliyah Miller actress
Alexis Suarez assistant director
Michael Whitney camera assistant/voice of casting agent
Lawrence Frank boom operator
Jack Petrowski man with knife at throat
Mark Gilmore photographer
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